2018 MLK Labor Endorsements

June 13, 2018

2018 MLK Labor Candidate Endorsements

Seattle Municipal Court

Ed McKenna
Seattle Municipal Court Pos 1

Andrea Chin
Seattle Municipal Court Pos 2

Adam Eisenberg
Seattle Municipal Court Pos 3

Anita Crawford-Willis
Seattle Municipal Court Pos 4

King County District Court

Ketu Shah
King County District Court NE Division Pos 2

Jason Poydras
King County District Court SE Division Pos 1

Rhonda Laumann
King County District Court SE Division Pos 6

Lisa Paglisotti
King County District Court West Division Pos 1

Gregg Hirakawa
King County District Court West Division Pos 4

Joe Campagna
King County District Court Shoreline Division Pos 1

Dual Endorsement:

Marcus Naylor
King County District Court NE Division Pos 1

Mycal Schwartz
King County District Court NE Division Pos 1


State and Federal Endorsements made by the Washington State Labor Council.

This is a selected list of WSLC endorsements for races relevant to King County voters. Click here for a full list of WSLC endorsements.


Maria Cantwell
U.S. Senate

Suzan DelBene
1st Congressional District

 Pramila Jayapal
7th Congressional District

DUAL: Jason Rittereiser and Kim Schrier (and to OPPOSE Dino Rossi)
8th Congressional District

Adam Smith
9th Congressional District


State Supreme Court, Pos. 2 — Susan Owens

State Supreme Court, Pos. 8 — Steve Gonzalez

State Supreme Court, Pos. 9 — Sheryl Gordon McCloud


LD 1-House 1 — Derek Stanford

LD 1-House 2 — Shelley Kloba

LD 5-House 1 — Bill Ramos

LD 5-House 2 — Lisa Callan

LD 11-House 1 — Zack Hudgins

LD 11-House 2 — Steven Bergquist

LD 30-House 1 — Mike Pellicciotti

LD 30-House 2 — Kristine Reeves

LD 32-Senate — Maralyn Chase

LD 32-House 1 — Cindy Ryu

LD 32-House 2 — Christopher Roberts

LD 33-Senate — Karen Keiser

LD 33-House 1 — Tina Orwall

LD 33-House 2 — Mia Gregerson

LD 34-House 1 — Eileen Cody

LD 34-House 2 — Joe Fitzgibbon

LD 36-House 1 — Noel Frame

LD 36-House 2 — Gael Tarleton

LD 37-Senate — Rebecca Saldaña

LD 37-House 1 — Sharon Tomiko Santos

LD 37-House 2 — Eric Pettigrew

LD 39-Senate — Claus Joens

LD 39-House 1 — Ivan Lewis

LD 39-House 2 — Eric Halvorson

LD 41-House 1 — Tana Senn

LD 41-House 2 — My-Linh Thai

LD 43-Senate — Jamie Pedersen

LD 43-House 1 — Nicole Macri

LD 43-House 2 — Frank Chopp

LD 45-Senate — Manka Dhingra

LD 45-House 1 — Roger Goodman

LD 46-Senate — David Frockt

LD 46-House 1 — Gerry Pollet

LD 46-House 2 — Javier Valdez

LD 47-House 1 — Debra Entenmann

LD 47-House 2 — Pat Sullivan

LD 48-Senate — Patty Kuderer

LD 48-House 1 — Vandana Slatter

LD 48-House 2 — Amy Walen

Ballot Measures

OPPOSE Initiative 1608 which makes collective bargaining negotiations public meetings.

SUPPORT Initiative 1644 (to the people)

SUPPORT Initiative 981 (to the Legislature) which Repeals I-200, which prohibited affirmative action policies with regards to race and gender by state and local government.