September 2020

Communities & Jobs Not Cuts – Anti-Austerity Resolution

August 2020

Resolution on Wage Theft in M.L. King County

Resolution Calling for US-Cuba Collaboration to Save Lives in the Fight against COVID-19

June 2020

Resolution Affirming Our Commitment to an Anti-Racist Union Movement

April 2020

Resolution to Recruit Union Members for Local Political Leadership (PCO)

Resolution in Support of Warehouse Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Resolution in Support of Health Care for Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Resolution in Support of an Undocumented Worker Relief Package

March 2020

Resolution on MLK Labor’s response to COVID-19

Resolution on MLK Labor’s need for a seat at the table during the COVID-19 recovery

Resolution in Support of Workers in Maritime Trades and within Marine Port Dependent Supply Chain

February 2020

Resolution Condemning the Firing of Gay Educators at Kennedy Catholic High School

January 2020

No meeting.

December 2019

No meeting.

November 2019

Resolution Condemning President Trump’s Racist Comments Directed at Members of Congress

Resolution in Support of Amnesty for All Immigrants in the U.S.

October 2019

September 2019

Resolution in Support of the WTO Protest Anniversary Events

Resolution in support of the Seattle City Council Resolution 31895 relating to the Seattle Green New Deal

August 2019

Resolution to Support Pension Funds that Invest in Union Built Affordable Housing

July 2019

No meeting.

June 2019:

Resolution Promoting Safety and a Supportive Environment at Labor Conventions

Resolution in Support of Annual Inflation Adjustments Based on CPI-W for Seattle Human Services Contracts

May 2019:

Resolution Promoting Prevention of Workplace Violence in Transit Systems

April 2019:

Resolution for a Thriving Tukwila For All

March 2019:

No resolutions passed.

February 2019:

No resolutions passed.

January 2019:

Resolution Calling for Labor & Industries to Implement a Six-Month Deadline to Take Action on Protests to Orders

Resolution in Support of the ST3 West Seattle Link that will be the Least Disruptive to Maritime Activities

Resolution to support Local Union 46, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers